Meet Dan

“The entire landscape of fitness and nutrition in America is experiencing a violent shift right before our eyes. My job is to keep my people at the forefront of the revolution”

A 12 year veteran of cutting edge fitness training, Dan is an Ivy League educated personal trainer, world-class CrossFit athlete, and notable television personality. His extraordinary approach to fat burning and muscle toning has yielded astonishing “before & after” results for the 400+ clients at his ‘Horsepower’ gyms.

As Seen On


  • 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games Athlete

    (Finished #14 in Division, top 0.1% of CrossFit athletes)

  • Head Coach & Athlete for 2013 & 2014 So Cal Regionals CrossFit Teams

    (Top 1% of SoCal Male/Female Competitive Teams)

  • Multiple appearances as Fitness Expert on CBS’s “The Doctors”

  • Featured Fitness Trainer

    on ExtraTV, TMZ, CBS2 News, Australia LIVE, The Tonight Show, Hallmark’s “Home & Family”, ABC7 News


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Horsepower Method Transformations

  • Ian Ziering

    (prep for ‘Sharknado’ & ‘Chippendales’ in Vegas)

  • M.P. Gossellaar

    (prepping body for “People are Talking”)

  • Teri Hatcher

    (post ‘Desperate Housewives’ film prep)

  • Jared Padelacki

    (Shirtless on ‘Supernatural’)

  • AJ Buckley

    (From CSI Lab geek to Stud on ‘Murder in the First’)

  • Giles Marini

    (Post ‘Sex in the City’, prepped body for ‘DWTS’)

  • James Marsden

    (Got ripped for ‘X-Men’ and ‘The Best of Me’)

  • Cheick Congo

    (Prepped for UFC and MMA fights)

  • Jen Widerstrom

    “Biggest Loser” (Prepped for CrossFit Regionals)

Background / Approach

Dan relies on specialized “hormonally responsive” nutrition plans, functional movements, interval training, and a high intensity anaerobic conditioning to transform his clients.

His unique methods stem from his numerous CrossFit Certifications, NSCA CPT, and C.H.E.K. Nutritionist background (and thousands of hours pouring through books, blogs, and research papers!)

Dan also holds a Masters/B.A. from Cornell University in Ithaca, NY

Dan’s immediate goal is to bring fitness and wellness to the City of Los Angeles. Longer term, he vows to be instrumental in reversing the trend of the obesity epidemic in America.